There are numerous advantages to working with MEDIAPARTNER-MS. Here is a short overview:


MEDIAPARTNER-MS is one of the few agencies in the direct marketing industry that operates completely independently of suppliers of particular carrier media. We are not focused on the distribution of individual products or in supporting particular distribution channels and can therefore offer you a completely objective consultancy service, which is rarely found on the German market.

One Face To The Customer

We assign an individual contact person to each of our clients. In this way you always know who to direct your queries or suggestions to. Be assured that all information required for the processing of your order is pooled and that are our employees consider themselves personally responsible for ensuring that your project is successful.


With MEDIAPARTNER-MS you can expect complete openness from us about the way we work. At your request we can provide you with a detailed insight into our processes. We can show you after each direct marketing campaign what went well and what did not, where the strengths and weaknesses lay.


Flexibility goes hand-in-hand with our level of independence. With the focus on making your promotion a success, we select the best carrier media for you and can change partners at short notice if there is a change in market conditions. We don’t just get your promotional message out there, at MEDIAPARTNER-MS we bring it home.

Complete service

Our guiding principle is to offer you a complete all-in-one solution. Let us take the load off you, we can, at your request, take over or support upstream and downstream processes for your direct marketing campaigns. Just let us know what you want us to do.


We are delighted to be able to pass on the benefits of our specialist knowledge. Direct marketing is not the same as distributing unaddressed mail, brochures or direct mail. Direct marketing requires strategic decision-making. There are a huge variety of possible solutions available. In a best case scenario these solutions can also be combined.


The value of our expertise is further increased when combined with our years of accumulated industry knowledge. It is not just a case of telling you theoretically the best way to achieve a promotional objective, we can also demonstrate, in a very practical way, how to apply this theory. It is essential when deciding which one of our partners is the most suitable and what the best measuring instruments are to keep things on track.