Our Services

About us

MEDIAPARTNER-MS provides a full service and support in the field of direct marketing. We specialise in the total operation of direct marketing campaigns. We offer a full package that includes consultation, chance/risk analysis, specific planning and implementation up to quality control and measuring of success. With total focus on your promotional objectives, we let you know which measures are the most worthwhile and which are less so for your direct marketing campaign.

We are not bound to any industry organisations or associations and are therefore able to concentrate fully on obtaining optimum results for your company. We are not interested in achieving particular usage rates in individual areas or driving individual product segments. In each instance we figure out the best way to deliver your promotional message to the target group.

Our independence is the key to your success.

Our Approach

Our primary concern in media planning at MEDIAPARTNER-MS is the client’s expectations and objectives. All our activities are oriented from this perspective, from planning to quality measurement, in order to achieve the pre-defined target. Setting target figures is an essential first step in this process. We are committed to realistically identifying the carrier media best suited to meeting your business goals. Media planning requires a vast array of key data that we systematically record and evaluate.

Fully inclusive media planning

We are far more than just a consultancy. We can also provide clients with a complete all-in-one service and ensure that your entire direct marketing campaigns are run smoothly from start to finish. From consultancy to quality assurance and measurement following the direct marketing campaign, we offer fully inclusive packages in media planning. Talk to us if you would like more information.