Strategy Consulting

Direct marketing consultancy – an holistic approach

Direct marketing requires a myriad of different, interdependent decisions to be made. The ability to maintain an overall perspective and to identify the dependencies can mean the success or failure of a direct marketing campaign. Our comprehensive direct marketing consultancy service is available to you right from the design and planning stages, and will greatly increase the chances of your promotional campaign being a complete success.

Many of our clients involve us very early in the planning stage of their direct marketing campaigns and value the added opportunities that this has brought them. We strongly believe in having open discussion as part of a direct marketing consultancy process. What is the benefit to you of geomarketing for example in a region where procedural requirements are not yet available?

MEDIAPARTNER-MS first assesses your campaigns with the appropriate level of objectivity and helps you to work out approaches that can increase the success of your promotions in a sustainable manner. We are proud that our clients have placed their trust in us for the long haul. You can reap the rewards of this trust and co-operation in a bountiful harvest of excellent results.

You can rely on our years of experience , our comprehensive approach and our exceptional level of commitment. We are committed to increasing and sustaining your promotional success.