Addressed Direct Mailing

In contrast to traditional mass communication, addressed direct mailing is a more focused way of engaging with a particular market segment. In general, addressed direct mailing is also probably the best known form of direct advertising. It mainly consists of personally addressed promotional material (prospectuses, brochures, catalogues) that are sent to target recipients. Recipients usually are part of a specific target group. The addresses are sourced either from proprietary customer and prospect databases or from so-called address brokers who collect and sell addresses for this purpose.

In principle, this medium is adjudged to have a relatively high customer perception level, as the recipients’ names are used and they are contacted personally in writing. The opening rate is very high, given that a high level of trust is placed in the carrier medium (usually by post). However, the comparatively high costs must be factored in when evaluating the promotional objective.

Addressed Direct Advertising in the Marketing Mix

Addressed direct advertising can be the cornerstone of your marketing mix, as part of a well-planned and meticulous campaign strategy. You can rely on our years of experience , our comprehensive approach and our exceptional level of commitment. We are committed to increasing and sustaining your promotional success.