Unaddressed Direct Advertising

Unaddressed direct advertising is the simplest and fastest way to distribute promotional messages to consumers. Different media can come into play here, although the delivery of classic carrier media (prospectuses, brochures and catalogues) via individual letter boxes has proven to be particularly effective. A focused, planned campaign can result in a huge number of promotional messages being distributed directly and rapidly to end customers.

The use of high coverage promotional media can also be adapted to ensure that it reaches a more specifically pre-defined consumer segment. Unlike addressed direct advertising no address databases are required, the level of personalisation is also lower due to the general and quantitative basic formulation.

Despite this, prospectus campaigns have several benefits for clients and providers. While providers can target a high number of customer contacts at low cost, customers can find out about current offers from the comfort of their own homes. In this way unaddressed direct advertising can lead to the acquisition of new customers while reinforcing existing customer relationships. The high perception value and the relatively low level of investment required mean that unaddressed direct advertising is an integral component of any successful marketing mix.

As your partner, MEDIAPARTNER-MS first critically assesses the potential and the limitations of unaddressed direct advertising in relation to your business operations. Using our expertise and our experience we are able to give you a realistic evaluation of the results you can expect in return for your investment. Efficient marketing necessitates a comprehensive analysis of the initial starting position, targets must be set and the instruments to be used in the campaign must be identified and individually customised.

This knowledge and our years of experience in strategy development and the implementation of promotional measures enable us to design the deployment of unaddressed promotional media in such a way that it is an efficient way of achieving a successful outcome for companies of all shapes and sizes.